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Welcome to Kico Construction, your one-stop solution for expert construction services in Kaneohe, HI. As a trusted construction company, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch craftsmanship and unmatched customer service. From painting and roofing to remodeling, general contracting, and flooring, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your construction needs in Kaneohe and nearby areas.

Aloha! We are your top painting experts in Kaneohe, HI. Our experienced craftsmanship and attention to detail shine through in every painting project.

Looking for reliable roofing services in Kaneohe, HI? Look no further. At Kico Construction, we aim to save you money while providing timely and cost-effective roofing solutions in Kaneohe and nearby areas.

Ready to bring your home improvement dreams to life? Our remodeling solutions cover everything from driveways to kitchen and bathroom renovations in Kaneohe and surrounding neighborhoods.

As your trusted general contracting experts in Kaneohe, HI, we offer comprehensive solutions for construction projects of all sizes. From handling construction to renovation and repairs, our experienced team is well-equipped to deliver exceptional results. Let us bring your construction vision to life with precision and professionalism

Homes Enhance your Kaneohe home with premium flooring solutions from Kico Construction. Our skilled professionals offer a wide range of flooring options to suit your style and needs.


Embracing the Beauty of Kaneohe, HI Nestled between the dramatic Ko’olau Mountains and the sparkling waters of Kaneohe Bay, Kaneohe is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes. At Kico Construction, we take pride in constructing homes that harmonize with this natural splendor. Whether it’s a roofing project to withstand the occasional tropical showers or painting services to complement the vivid surroundings, we are dedicated to preserving the charm of Kaneohe, HI.

A Trusted Partner for Construction Solutions

Our comprehensive range of services caters to diverse needs, making us your trusted partner for all construction requirements. From roofing services that protect your home from the elements to remodeling solutions that breathe new life into your living spaces, we offer expert advice and personalized solutions to suit your lifestyle and budget.