Waimānalo District Park, located in the rural town of Waimanalo on the southeastern coast of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, offers visitors a unique outdoor adventure and breathtaking tropical scenery. Bordered by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, the park boasts mesmerizing white sand beaches, lush mountain ridges, and a tranquil lagoon. Learn more here.

Named after its Ahupua’a (a divisible section of ancient Hawaii), Waimānalo has been a much-loved spot for locals and visitors alike for centuries. The park is also home to various indigenous plants, birds, and wildlife, and visitors can take advantage of the on-site campground and picnic pavilions to experience the wonders of nature. The park’s landscape’s green grass and palm trees offer a peaceful refuge ideal for families and groups looking to escape the hustle and bustle of nearby Honolulu. Whether seeking a romantic stroll along the beach, an invigorating morning jog, or a casual family picnic on the sand, you won’t have to look far for activities to fill your day. Learn more about Fun in the Sun at Waimānalo District Park.

Take a short hike through Waimānalo’s lush vegetation, and you might spot a wild goat or two. Go swimming, surf the waves, or go fishing for yellowfin tuna, trevally, mahi-mahi, and more in the waters off the beach. For those seeking a more educational experience, the park is located near a few historical sites, such as Bellows Air Force Station, the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, and an old WWII bunker.